Recommended TEs

Please feel free to join any of the below sites and test. Remember tracking and results are the keys to your success, so what works for my promotions, may not necessarily work for what you are promoting.
All of my favorite sites have top noch owners:  professional, friendly, caring and responsive.
Most of the sites are newest and very promissing TEs
My main core is to found the best newest sites and suport them surfing and promoting That’s why you will found near my favorites classicTEs newest TEs
All are great and I love them



“HIT2HIT-where professionals & quality traffic meet!”
-The name says it all Sample is the best of the bests
All sites are checked manualy
Hit2Hit promotes the sites for all upgraded members at 37 traffic exchangesIn this way you got hits surfing just one TEs-Hit2Hit
All need to do for it be sure to have credits alocated at your sites at Hit2Hit
Low cost upgrade worse to be upgrade at Hit2Hit
Is one of my first joined sites You will find an explanation how it work and this is avaible for all traffic exchange
Chosing a great exchange you will see the difference and results
Online since2005 always in the Top, has one of the higher conversion rates in TEs world.Here I have my best results
Free Membership
6 Second Timer
2:1 Surf Ratio
Benefits: Win5x5$, extra credits for surfing 100page
Referral contest with $440 to be won
I was free member only in my first month and I got signups but I realised the power of being upgrade member at Hit2Hit and is the few sites where I’m upgrade member
Min payout$5,onlyPayPal
owner:Franscisca Kruissink -top noch admin- caring, friendly and very helpful


All new members receive a 7 day New Member Platinum Upgrade. Accounts are upgraded automatically when you first log in. You will also receive a signup bonus of 500 credits, which will be added automatically once you have surfed 25 sites
Great site and very popular
I like to surf at HBPro, I belong there since I’m online
Fast, clean site , easy to surf, many contests with awesome prizes
I got many signups adverising at HBPro
Is unique: HBPro blog is great and the best part is: free to use
I’m using HBPro blog to promote my favourite traffic exchanges and other advertising resources. Louise Venison (the owner of HitsBoosterPro traffic exchange) writes it, and I get to benefit from it!
All HitsBoosterPro members can use this blog exactly as I am. To find out how, click here to join HitsBoosterPro now(If you’re already a member, check out this post and follow the instructions to set up the blog.)
I learned so much things from Louise posts and steel I’m learning
Thank you Louise
Min payout$10
Owner: Louise Venison


Unique design-made by Lori-uniques features like Magic Points,WIZARD Weekly Drawing, surf rewards, cash prizes in rotation.
Easy to Surf, very clean TE. I enjoy being a Member and working with Lori on her Majical Journey Promotions! You can’t go wrong with this
10 Second Timer
2:1 Surf Ratio
Min payout $10
owner:Lori Kauffman


Sister site with Magical JourneyTEs, unique design
BEAR POINTS are found while surfing Good, clean easy surfing here on the new LFMTE Script, featuring Bear Points ( collect points for credits, start pages, monthly upgrades and etc. ) Daily surf rewards great contests
Min payout $10

Lori does a great job running her Traffic Exchanges. Her sites are well constructed.


FreedomTraffic is in my best of the bests site
If you haven’t seen Freedom Traffic, check it out now!

Daily Active Surfers Rewards
Generous commissions; up to 50%
Generous surf ratios for all members
In house contests and guest sites with awesome prizes
‘Caught’ surfing-,new members raffle and much more

Plus, an owner who wants you to get real people looking
at all of your ads, so no over surfing is allowed, and no
bots and cheats are allowed either.
Min payout $5
Owner: Wendy Orestano


All you need to do is just surf the Hog do the rest
One of the best TEs Plenty of way to earn cash and credits daily , great promos
Email Marketing which is done for you, and
Guaranteed Views which also come from “eye catching”
Surf just 25 and you will get your ad on the spotlight page, PlusFREE VIEWS across the net at all the top Traffic Exchanges,Safelists, and Text Ad Exchanges
Min payout$5
PLUS a Highly motivated & active owner: Marty Petrizza


TEs with profite share? Awesome idea Marty Petrizza,owner of Website -Traffic-Hog- do it again:Everything about this site is geared to make the member money.A place to really belong….
I am so glad I did
Terrific Tuesday, Weekend Fun Surf, Token contests and much more
Min payout$10


Dec 2nd Hits4Surfers re-Launched with an EXPLOSION of Hits!
Louise Deavin and Doug Forbes ,owners of The Land Marketing Group (own 5 of the Top 30 sites) not only Endorse Hits4Surfers-they help design it and re-shape Admin Policies so it is a great List Builder for you as well!
ALL Members are Treated as Gold!
Up To 50% Cash Commissions Paid to ALL Members
*Low $10.00 Minimum Payout.
*Dynamic Surf Ratio’s
*Downline Builder,
*Daily CASH & CREDIT Prizes
*Daily Surfing Rewards!
Owner:Rocker/Admin Eddie Arazi-Rosenblum


A Totally Unique Traffic Exchange
– 1 to 1 surf ratio available to ALL members
-Cash Commissions 25-50%
-up to 25% Downline surfs over 2 Levels
-All Members find Cash Prizes found while Surfing
-Word Find
-Downline Mailer
-Downline Builder
-Incredible support
-One of the Highest rating in the World for member response
-ALL Members are Paid-Low min payout$10
Owner:Doug Forbes


TrafficDelivers Owner Doug Forbes has done it again!
His latest Traffic Exchange , ConversionSurf took off like nothing I have ever seen! He is
“The Definitive Complete A to Z Internet Marketing Course!”
this Plan will help you Earn from ANY Honest Program you wish to promote!


Fun& Professional ManualTEs

Up To 50% Cash Commissions Paid to ALL Members
Low $5.00 Minimum Payout.
Dynamic Surf Ratio’s
Downline Builder, Credit Transfer, Referral Mailer.
Daily CASH & CREDIT Prizes
Daily Surfing Rewards!
100 Credits – 250 Banner & Text Imps upon Activation
Owner:Louise Deavin


BigBeachHits Gives You What You Need!

2:1 Surf Ratio (Rising dynamically to 1:1)
Daily Cash & Advertising Prizes
Weekly/Monthly Raffles
Up to 50% Commissions
Low Minimum Payouts!
Random Referrals
Top Class Support
Owner: Louise Deavin


Fun and professional
Lovely design
Dynamic surf ratio
Many way to earn cash and credits
STAR SURFER-Surf 1000 pages over 7 days (Mon-Sun)
You will then be entered into a weekly draw for $0.75 up to $5
Keep your eye out for the STARMAN page as you surf.
You will be able to claim 1 ticket per day ,with5ticket you will be entered in weekly graw
Daily rewards.great promos and much more
Owners:two amazing ladies:Chris and Lisa



  1. Great list of TEs (including mine!) I’ll have to run some advertising on the ones I don’t use so much.

  2. Thank you Louise! yours in one of the best

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